Counseling Sessions

I offer counseling via Skype, Phone, or email (in some cases)

  • 30 min – $90
  • 60 min – $165
  • 90 min – $200

7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program offers couples professional help with this serious relationship challenge. The program ensures the couple follows a structured timeline, tackling the toughest issues in affair recovery. Step 1 of this program, requests the couple commit to working through all 7 steps so that the relationship has the best chance of recovery and closure.

  • Includes:
    •  – 12 Sessions (These can include couple and/or individual sessions  – 45m to 70 m as required)
    •  – 3 month program
    •  – Prepare Enrich couple assessment
  • Fee – $1997

To Make An Appointment:

  1. Choose your time zone – you will see a white circle button to your right. Click on this button and choose your timezone
  2. Choose your service
  3. Choose day and time
  4. Make payment. The Pay Later option is only for clients or students on the 7-Step Program.
  5. I will connect with you the day before your service to confirm our method of communication.


Most insurance companies do not cover couple therapy or therapy sessions for non-mental health issues. Therefore I can offer an invoice for our sessions together, which you can submit to your insurance company.

Extra Support

You may also have benefit in joining our Affair & Relationship Support Group – and reading articles on the Infidelity Recovery Institutes website

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