traveling for work but cheating

Traveling becomes important in an affair because it is the only time when lovers can spend long amounts of time together without interruption. It means they can get out of town and live like a normal couple without the risk of being seen by someone they know.

When a couple is having an affair they can’t spend the night together because the cheater needs to get home to the partner so there is no suspicion. However if they use the excuse of a business trip they can take their time to have proper romance rather than rushing around.

When your partner all of a sudden starts going on ‘business trips’ when they have never needed to before, think back and see if any situations arose at all or think hard to see if you really think their work would require them to go away on business trips at all.

Things start to get really dodgy when your partner explains that they can’t leave a contact phone number of where they are staying because they don’t have anywhere to stay yet.

You shouldn’t take this. If it is important enough to go away for business, then sblake-cheated-on-mirandaomeone should have booked a hotel in advance and sent all the details to your partner.

If there is apparently no phone then this is probably a lie.

Not many companies would put you up in a place where you can’t be reached, particularly if you are there on business. Ring your partners work when they have left and ask if you can have a contact phone number for where your partner is staying. Just say your partner wasn’t sure what it was when they left. Make up a legitimate reason why you need to contact them.

You will find out now whether your partner was telling the truth or not. If he/she hasn’t even gone on a business trip you will know now. But still use the reason for why you rang their work. If your partner is legitimately away, still ring to check they are okay and by themselves.

When your partner doesn’t bother to invite you anymore to business functions where you used to accompany them before, chances are they have other company. They may start to say that you will get bored or that they will be working the whole time and won’t have time to spend with you. But what about the business trips before, it was alright for you to go along then and make your own fun, what’s changed since then? You should always make the most of opportunities to be with your partner. If you aren’t able to anymore, you should ask why.

How do they get to the airport or get home from the airport?

When you offer to pick your partner up or drop them off and they don’t want you to, you should ask why. It may be because they are meeting their lover and they will be excited to get away. If you are there they won’t get to meet up with each other till they get to their destination.

They may even be going to a different destination than what they said. If your partner says they are going somewhere, you may want to check what sort of clothes they are packing. Check that the clothes they have packed are appropriate to what they are doing on this trip.

If you have children now, then this is the perfect excuse. The dutiful wife stays home to look after the family. Especially of the children are school age and they have their after school and weekend activities which cannot be interrupted.

However, I cannot stress enough the importance of strong communication.

Tell you partner that you would like to know where he is staying, and say you would like a “date call” or “talk dirty” at 9pm. Don’t forget, that most men stray because they are not getting the attention they need at home. Regardless if there are children that need taking care of, and you feel exhausted at the end of the day. He will be flirting at dinner or at the bar, if he feels like you are not there for him.

It is also difficult to track your partner if he is the owner of their own business. Sometimes the secretary will make the bookings, but not always. Men at this level, and typically men on an income bracket over $300,000 cheat 32% more than men who earn less than this amount. Men that have “cash” businesses can more easily get away with paying for hotels, gifts, dinners, and prostitutes as there is no paper trail. These are the men our female private investigators mostly track.


Case Study from a Las Vegas Private Investigation Company

In a recent private investigation, we were given the case of a business owner who has five large scale lighting companies. This partner was mid forties, good looking, and very down to earth. The wife was feeling suspicious of his travel to the family condo in Las Vegas. The family home is on a ranch outside of a large city. But they have a beautiful condo in Las Vegas which he stays at on business trips. Through our online investigations, we found his online name and tracked him to a millionaire dating site. There our beautiful decoy made arrangements to meet him for drinks and see what he would do. They shared a bottle of wine, and he told the story of his 11 year happy marriage to a beautiful wife and three wonderful children. He said their love life was amazing, his wife was kind and sweet, and she was perfect in every way. When she asked him why was he seeking the attention of other women, he said he wanted variety. That’s all – variety.

He said this was not the first “arrangement” he has had. Previously he had an eight month relationship with another lady. He paid her $2500 per month, and she traveled with him around the country on his business trips. He covered the costs of all accommodation and travel expenses. After the wine, he asked the decoy back to his condo, where he could talk about the “arrangement”. He offered our decoy the same arrangement via text message. This information was conveyed to our client, with assistance on how to deal with the information at hand, how to approach him with the evidence, and to think about the exit plan before taking any action.

When your spouse insists on calling you instead of you calling them, it can sometimes indicate that they are up to no good. If your partner calls you it means you don’t have to call them so their time will never be interrupted. When they call they might not have anything to say. You would think they would call when something exciting happened. Also your spouse might be quite vague about what they are getting up to on their trip and end the conversation quickly. Their good-bye will be quite empty too. An easy way to combat this is to ring them yourself, maybe once or twice during their trip, during the evening, to see how they are doing.

Perhaps your partner starts going on more trips with their friends but are pretty vague or secretive about the trip. They may be meeting their lover thinking their friends will cover for them. Or it may be a trip where they plan to meet someone to have a holiday fling with.

In one Private Investigation, Spy Girl Online Private Investigators were sent on a Luxury Cruise Ship to conduct surveillance on a female client’s Fiancé who had decided to take a holiday with his three friends before he got married. Our Operatives posed as holiday makers onboard the ship whilst keeping a close eye on the subject. The private investigators were able to obtain footage with concealed cameras which revealed the subject cheating on the female client with various other men onboard the ship. This footage and other evidence provided the client with the information she needed to call off the wedding and save herself the turmoil she would experience further down the track, if she was to discover this characteristic about her partner after they were married.

Planning trips with friends so far in advance gives your partner a good alibi. They may talk about the coming trip a lot because they are excited about being with their partner. When they talk about it they may substitute their lover with their friends. A friend of your partner may be in on it to cover up for them even if they aren’t going. They may even talk about it lots around you but never around their friends they are supposedly going with. If their friend’s men don’t know anything about the trip then they are lying.

Insisting that you take more trips with your friends leaves time for your partner to spend time with their lover. If they suggest it but don’t show any interest in your trip, then they are doing it for their own benefit rather than a nice idea for you. If you do take a trip with your friends ring home a few times when you know they should be there. You should know what your partner’s plans are for the time you are away. If your partner is out and gives an excuse, check their alibi.

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