Dr. Savannah Ellis


“You can’t fix a problem with the same consciousness or thinking, that got you into the situation.”

Albert Einstein





Are you ready to say the words “I’m Sorry” and mean it?

Forgive Me

Forgiveness is a process like no other! Understanding this process is key to your mental health and future happiness.

Certified Infidelity Recovery Specialist - Life Coach - Clinical Psychologist - Author - Educator


The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Course was created to help couples and individuals understand, process, and begin recovery, within 3 months.

Movie Therapy

Movie therapy teaches couples how to bond and create deeper meaning to their own relationship, via watching and discussing the relationships of other couples.

Affair Quiz

IRI states there are 7 Major types of affairs. This quiz will help you do a quick analysis on the type of affair which occurred in your relationship.

My Books

I have written and co-authored a few books on the topics of infidelity and relationship development. My advice and stories are based on professional experience.

Drop Me a Line

Booking an appointment with me is easy. You may only need 60 minutes with me to get back on track.