Relationship Affection

This is a question I often ask couples. They respond with a surprised, and sometimes embarrassed look, before the automatic response of excuses start….

“The Kids….”
“Not enough time….”
“I am exhausted after work….”
“She/He knows that I love her/him….”

You can think of at least 20 quite reasonable excuses for why you just don’t touch each other anymore, but the fact remains that if you have stopped being affectionate, your relationship is not healthy.

This isn’t about sex, this is about shared touch and affection.

If you’re not doing it, your relationship is in trouble.

One of you will eventually crave it and look elsewhere or announce they want to look elsewhere.

Believe me, as the Infidelity Recovery Expert who spends all day with couples just like you, that if your relationship fits this description…..I may be seeing you soon!

Live with Love,