“They started to fight, when the money got tight. And they just didn’t count on the tears.”
-Billy Joel, “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”

Truthfully, the root of most divorces is money issues. C1166149-C8A6-124A-159B14F1177067F7

There are also alot of other reasons for divorce. Sometimes when couples don’t do a “trial run” by living together first, they find out later that they can’t stand to live with each other.

Sometimes a couple marries too young, and they grow apart, instead of growing together.

Sometimes, the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, and adultery will damage the relationship permanently.

Sometimes, instead of a crisis like severe, or terminal illnesses in the family pulling them together, it can place too great a hardship on a couple, and they don’t make it.

USA is a country that highly values it freedom. It is important for many people to do what they want. In marriage there is a lot of compromise. Sometimes it feels like one side is compromising while the other side is not. Sometimes both sides are very independent and after the initial infatuation period the marriage cannot reach a mature level of understanding.

Valuing one’s freedom and individuality makes one a strong person but also makes it harder to function in a couple arrangement.

Whatever the root reason is, it is our society which has created the conditions for these issues to exist.

We do so have a long way to go…