Affairmations 2015

As we move into 2015, we need to re-visit what we actually desire in our own relationships.

Have YOU thought of what type of relationship YOU desire in 2015? Do YOU need to re-visit what is happening in your own life?

Affirmations are a great way of revisiting what is truly important to us. If we focus on what we want more of, rather than what we do not like, we will find that we notice and appreciate the good stuff!

This is the BLUEPRINT for personal happiness!

The following is a list of affirmations that can create an emotional connection in a marriage or partnership. Use this list as a guide to start your own list, or use this list as is:

1. I want to enjoy receiving pleasure from my spouse and easily communicate desires.

2. I want to accept and respect a “no” from my partner.

3. I want to communicate my personal needs around sex and have them understood.

4. I want to have sex be a choice, not a compulsion.

5. I want to feel great after an erotic time together.

6. I want to trust my partner more than anyone else.

7. I want to keep my word to my partner.

8. I want to be careful in what I promise and not set up partner for disappointment.

9. I want to respect my partner’s friendship with attractive people.

10. I want to receive all the affection and touch I want from my partner.

11. I want to experience moments of tenderness, kindness and gentleness in our marriage.

12. I want to laugh at my humanness.

13. I want to lovingly tease my spouse.

14. I want to create time to be with children and close friends.

15. I want to have us surround ourselves with friends and family.

16. I want to have this marriage contribute to the lives of those around us.

17. I want to have my partner know me intimately.

18. I want to have this marriage be a place where we constantly grow, learn and evolve.

19. I want to face change and the unknown with my partner.

20. I want to get what I need and more within this relationship.

21. I want to be overwhelmed with gratitude and love and express it.

22. I want to give and receive great gifts from each other.


Here is to really focusing on what you DO WANT in 2015, and make 2015 your BEST relationship year to date!





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