Why do we love to watch movies about affairs and cheating? What is it about the affair?

It’s steamy, it’s hidden, it’s secretive.

Cheating movies are a great choice for your MOVIE NIGHT or DATE NIGHT movie choices.

Cheating movies are popular because they allow a nice man or woman to imagine what it would be like to be with someone else. Or do they? They give the viewer an opportunity to dream, and to relate to the person who is cheating, or to be mad and be sympathetic to the person cheated on. They spur debate, they challenge our viewpoints, they offer consolation to those who have actually cheated.

Overall, movies with affairs in them will help you as a couple, discuss the impact an affair would have on your relationship. Consider it “affair prevention.”

Here are my choices for the top ten cheating movies:

1. “Unfaithful” with Diane Lane and Richard Gere.

Unfaithful follows the story of Connie Sumner (Diane Lane), a woman living in New York City who engages in an extramarital affair with Paul (Olivier Martinez), a man she meets while attempting to hail a cab. Though it starts out innocently enough, their relationship soon turns into a very sexual one that is noticed by her husband, Edward (Richard Gere). After discovering the affair, Edward ends up killing Paul in a rage, and disposes of the body in a dump. Killing Paul is clearly not a great method of problem solving, but apparently that doesn’t matter to Edward.

The film is undoubtedly the most iconic when it comes to portraying an extramarital affair; though it’s not exactly a masterpiece, Lane’s performance as the troubled wife stepping out on her husband is nothing short of spectacular, and not to mention supremely hot, as the sex scenes boil over with passion.

2. Fatal Attraction. I didn’t personally care for this movie as much as Unfaitful, but everyone else did. I think this is the number one most popular cheating movie of all times. It’s the standard that all other cheating movies are compared to. Glenn Close played quite a part as the homewrecking office female.

3. Disclosure. Demi Moore and Michael Douglas made quite the pair in this movie. Although Michael Douglas said no to Demi Moore’s advances, the movie still is about cheating because he did kiss her before they stopped. He cheated on his wife. This movie shows what happens when a woman doesn’t get sexually what she is looking for. Guys, beware!

4. Indecent Proposal. Demi Moore gets another spot on the top ten list. I really love all of her movies as well. You may ask how this movie is included, because Woody Harrelson knew that Demi Moore was going to cheat on him, because he was allowing it. They needed the money to pay back the debt he incurred by gambling. Sorry, Woody, you shouldn’t make your wife part of a solution to your gambling problem. This movie shows what happens when the bond of marriage is broken, even if both parties mutually consent to it.

5. Legends of the Fall. This was one of Brad Pitt’s earlier movies. Do you recall, the tale of three brothers? The first brother meets the woman, and she becomes his fiance’. Then, when he brings her home to his family, she falls for the second brother. The first brother then dies in battle, so second brother gets the gal. Then, second brother has all sorts of issues within, and leaves the gal alone for many years. She finally gives up waiting for him, and gets with third brother. Then, second brother returns and she is still in love with him. But now, it’s too late. What a tale.

6. English Patient. This movie is perhaps the saddest cheating movie of all. It has such a story behind it. The woman is cheating on her husband, and he discovers this. She goes off with the other man, and their plane wrecks. The lover has to go find help to try and save her, but he doesn’t make it back in time. So it was all for nothing. Of course, there’s much more to this love story that involves cheating, but this is the gist of it.

7. The Color Purple. The Color Purple is a movie to watch for many reasons, and cheating could be the least important reason of all. However, the cheating in this movie was almost accepted as the way people did things in that day and time. That certainly doesn’t make it right. Whoopi Goldberg had a husband, Danny Glover. She didn’t pick him, he just basically bought her from her family. Of course, he just wants her to do his cooking and cleaning and take care of his children. It’s no surprise when he then takes on a mistress, and she even comes into their home when she gets sick and stays with them. Whoopi ends up becoming attracted to the woman as well, and it is insinuated that perhaps she has an affair of her own.

8. What Lies Beneath, starring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. This was a pretty spooky and realistic movie, as far as cheating movies go. Of course, I wouldn’t necessarily believe that a girl could send signs from the dead, but I also wouldn’t dismiss it totally. Michelle Pfeiffer looks really pale and scary in this movie, and it makes the whole thing all the more believable. Harrison Ford apparently always doesn’t play the good guy.

9. Random Hearts, with Harrison Ford. Okay, now Harrison Ford get a chance to redeem himself. He was the one cheated on. Imagine them finding your wife at the bottom of the ocean, with another man on a plane that crashed? That would be awful.

10. Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Okay, in this movie, she gets really mad. She’s supported her husband through thick and then, and then he wants to throw her out and be with someone else? This is a great story of revenge for someone who was cheated on.

If you can add to this list of great movies with affairs in them, let us know in the comment section below.


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