The Intimacy Avoidance Affair


The Intimacy Avoidance Affair

In this situation, one (or even both) of the partners builds a wall of protection from the world.

It is easier to have an affair than be emotionally exposed to their partner.


If a relationship is to survive after this type of affair, both individual and couples’ therapy should be considered.

– Recovery Potential: Difficult (Unless the couple is ready to learn a new way to learn about intimacy)

– Affair Reason: Emotional connection

– Recovery Tips:

– Stop arguing about ‘stuff’ and learn to talk and resolve your differences. It is hard to be friends when you are bickering so often. It is near impossible to feel ‘in the mood’ when the relationship resembles children arguing instead of listening to each other. Your new motto could be “I would rather be happy than right.”

– Learn new communication methods and change the old rituals for new rituals.

– Supplement couples’ counseling with individual coaching or counseling on family of origin patterns that have been brought into the current relationship.


Infidelity Recovery Coaches are trained to classify your affair type and develop a strategy for prevention based on your past patterns. While a person may have aspects of different types, one type is likely to dominate. Each affair type requires a different form of treatment.

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