Training & Consultation

For therapists, coaches, and ministers/clergy


If you would like to become IRI Certified Infidelity Recovery Coach®, or Certified in Prepare Enrich :

  • 7-Step Affair Recovery Certification - For Therapists - Click here
  • 7-Step Affair Recovery Certification - For Coaches - Click here
  • Prepare Enrich Certification - Click here

I provide coaching services/business coaching to therapists/doctors/psychologists, including:

  • Business building
  • Marketing
  • Online web presence
  • Creating online products & services
  • How to write your first book
  • SEO for therapists & coaches
  • Setting up your own practice


The best value business coaching you will find. I am helping therapists & professionals at this rate, as I enjoy seeing fellow professionals succeed.

(Ask me about my previous business coaching businesses and professional coaching career, as I charged $450 ph.)

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