Infidelity & Affairs

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Treating infidelity is extremely difficult for most therapists, and therapists without specialized training in infidelity, couple therapy, and trauma will struggle with being able to hold your relationship together.

As both a psychologist and a coach I have created the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery program, specifically designed:

  • to answer the affair questions
  • provide a structured path through understanding affair recovery
  • Provide the Communication and conflict resolution skills needed to cope with affair recovery
  • Provide sex & intimacy education and what is required moving forward
  • Understand the specific affair type, and discuss the chances of recovery, and what is needed for prevention
  • Be able to make a decision about the future of the relationship, based on a deeper understanding of one self (the “I”) and how two “I”s function as a “We”.

The 7-step infidelity recovery program is now taught around the world, to therapists and psychologists looking for a strategy to help their clients in affair recovery.

If you are looking for a recovery program that is:

  1. Faster than therapy – The 7-Step program has you commit to 90 Days of working on your relationship.
  2. Direct & Action Focused – Specific exercises and sessions focused on getting real, for perhaps the first time ever.
  3. Helps you understand YOU – How did you end up in this situation? Who are you now? What do you want? These questions are very difficult to answer. Honesty and truth requires unraveling years of “story telling” to find who you are, and why you do what you do.
  4. Decide on the relationships future – Once you have the answers to the toughest questions, you understand yourself, and your partner, you can make a decision about your relationship future, which is not based on an “emotional reaction.”

For more information, or to start the program today Contact Me

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