Does Being Overweight put Your Relationship in Jeopardy

Join my special guest and relationship guru Savannah Ellis and me on Baring It All with MVO Radio. Where we’re gonna share some shocking and revealing truths you will absolutely want to hear.

Get ready to laugh, cry and hear the brutal honest truth and insights into this and more when it comes to your body and health habits in your relationship.

WARNING: The nature of this content may offend some! Raw, real and revealing content may not be appropriate for mature audiences 😉

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Baring it All! With MVO

Baring It All! with MVO

Show Notes from Michelle & Savannah:


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5 Key Tips for an Amazing Relationship:

If you want an amazing relationship, here are the 5 Tips for Both sexes
Meeting 4 or 3 of these needs will not make your partner 100% happy.
Your goal is to meet all 5 of these needs so your partner feels amazing
with you and their partner, and visa verse.

FOR A MAN – You must look after these needs in your woman to make her happy.

Honesty & Openness
Financial Support
Family Commitment

FOR A WOMAN – You must look after these needs in your woman to make him happy.

Sexual Fulfillment
Recreational companionship
Physical Attractiveness
Domestic Support

We look forward to having Savannah back soon for more Amazing Relationship Tips.

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