Millions of people suffer from General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, or other forms of psychological disorder which are characterized by anxiety or panic attacks.

Anxiety attack symptoms are incredibly uncomfortable. These attacks are well-known for being acute; they happen all of a sudden, and when triggered, it can be difficult to deal with the physical and emotional discomfort that they cause.

Anxiety attack symptoms usually subside after a fairly brief period of time, but while they are happening, they can be excruciating. Once the onset of an anxiety attack has occurred, it can be difficult to stop the process; one may have to “ride it out” until the symptoms dissipate.


What Are Some Common Anxiety Attack Symptoms?

Anxiety attacks are a period of intense fear and discomfort, which are characterized by a set of physical symptoms. During an anxiety attack, the organism’s “fight or flight mode” is cascading out of control. “Sympathetic” processes, which occur during arousal, include changes in heart rate. When this process goes wrong, anxiety attacks can occur.

The symptoms of an anxiety attack include: 

–          Increased heart rate, sometimes with heart palpitations

–          Shaking or trembling

–          Sensations of shortness of breath

–          Feelings of being choked

–          Chest pain or discomfort

–          Nausea

–          Feelings of dizziness or faintness, as if one is about to “pass out”

–          Intense emotional fear

–          Feeling as if oneself might be dying

–          Numbness or tingling, especially in the hands and fingers

–          Chills or hot flashes.


This entire process can be terrifying— this, in turn, exacerbates the effects. Many individuals who have a panic attack are initially frightened that they may be having a heart attack. If you are experiencing this set of symptoms, the most likely cause is that you are having an anxiety attack.

Anxiety attack symptoms can be terrifying. Fortunately, these episodes tend to pass fairly quickly, and peak within a few minutes. If you are experiencing an anxiety attack, you may find that some or all of these things help you to cope with the symptoms as they are occurring. Seek consult for what other options are available to you such as the new revolutionary, safe, non-invasive method.