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Who has time for weekly therapy? Consider a condensed 9 months of therapy over a weekend with significant results to transform your relationship! Traditional therapy can be a long and frustrating process – One 60-minute session, week after week… growing frustration, pain and resentment….

What is the solution?

Getting to Zero!


Reboot Your Relationship with Joe and Savannah!

If a couple wants to unlock their relationship potential, and really deepen over time, they need to clear the decks and get to zero. Zero means nothing is under the rug, no more hiding, and all resentments and withholds are aired and cleared. Otherwise, they spend time getting tripped up by all the baggage that never got finished week after week in traditional weekly therapy.

Once a couple can burn it all to the ground and get to zero, they can actually see each other. Oh, there you are! Here I am! Wow! But in order to do this, there has to be inspiration, hunger, longing, desire. Or maybe loads of pain?


Alternative 1: Do nothing
Sometimes in trying to make a big shift though, we might find that our early attachment wounds and relationship hurts keep us in a state of ambivalence, fear, or lack of desire. So, we stay stuck, complacently sweeping our pain under the rug. Or we might think we can’t get to a zero. We might think we don’t deserve it. We believe lies about our worth and lovability and we fail to see how beautiful we are so we “settle.” We might have no idea about what’s possible. Or we stay in our habitual fog and call it a zero. Patterns and justifications arise, no doubt. We all find ways, both conscious and unconscious to avoid loving ourselves and each other. It seems to be human nature. And to us, this is the exciting frontier of long-term partnership—where we can see it as a path, a journey, a wild ride back home to who we really are.

Yes, it can be a long, winding road with many twists and turns. Sometimes it’s a circus and sometimes a ghost town. And, the only dead-ends ironically, are inside of us and where we are blocked.


Alternative 2: There is another way — Get on the relationship path and practice —
Love appears to be limitless. Getting to zero might take us an entire lifetime or a few weeks or years. But what else is there? Why not explore my barriers to love and greater intimacy? Why not explore all of my heart and come to know its vulnerable landscape, no matter how long it takes me? And, if we choose to go for zero, let’s embrace the waves that take us there.

Consider a day or a weekend Rebooting Your Relationship with Joe and Savannah!

Relationships today face a mountain of challenges. Busy schedules, family-of-origin issues, work expectations, addictive behaviors, affairs and dwindling romance all conspire against healthy marriages. Often the mountain of marital problems seems insurmountable, prompting too many couples to give up and consider divorce or break-up as their best option.

Consider this sobering data:

Sixty-seven percent of younger Americans agree that “when parents divorce, children are more prone to develop serious emotional problems.” Marriage in our culture has weakened, since the 60’s the divorce rate has doubled, while the number of divorces has tripled. In a recent study of divorcees, the majority wished they had tried harder to salvage their marriage.

Before making any life changing decisions contemplate this; is there another way to escape the tragedy of divorce and recover hope for your marriage?

We believe hope can be renewed in every marriage. In addition, following good processes couples can acquire and develop new tools and skills that will facilitate a transformation in their marriage.

For nearly two decades, Joe Whitcomb, PysDc, LMFT and Savannah Ellis, M.A. Infidelity Coach, have been laboring diligently to strengthen marriages and families. The Reboot Your Relationship Intensive is an outgrowth of their work and building on best practices principles and best practices in Marital and Infidelity Education.

Consider these positive outcomes in strengthening your marriage:

When marriages thrive child well-being improves, “on average children of married parents are physically and mentally healthier, better educated and enjoy more career success in later life than other children.”
Improving marital quality strengthens families, motherhood and fatherhood. Comments from recent Reboot Your Relationship Intensive attendees: “This was life changing.” “It has renewed my hope that we can make our marriage work.” “The marital tools from the WE message brought deep healing and reconciliation with me and my spouse.” “I hope every couple whose facing difficult challenges in their marriage can attend an Intensive, because it opened my eyes.”

Utilizing a multi-day format you’ll be processing issues directly related to your marriage. Building on the best practices WE Educational Experts will help couples indentify triggers which get them onto the “Crazy Making Cycle”, and then teach them how to get off. You and your mate, along with other couples will have an opportunity to learn and apply new strategies crucial to the process of making these breakthrough principles a permanent part of your marriage. You will also receive many new communication tools to establish and strengthen your marriage.

Throughout the intensive each couple is challenged to map out an action plan to improve their marriage and family life, with a goal of repairing areas of brokenness/weakness and identifying relationship strengths. Each couple leaves with a specific and achievable plan to dramatically transform their marriage.
Joe Whitcomb

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