Movie Therapy Course

Watching One “Chick Flick” Movie Per Week
Can Totally Save Your Relationship!


What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 21 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Communicate on a deeper level – Movie therapy teaches couples how to bond and create deeper meaning to their own relationship, via watching and discussing the relationships of other couples
  • Prevent divorce! The findings show that an inexpensive, fun, and relatively simple movie-and-talk approach can be just as effective as other more intensive therapist-led methods—reducing the divorce or separation rate from 24 to 11 percent after three years.
  • Set in stone a weekly date night! – Nothing is more important than spending quality time with each other.
  • Avoid counseling and therapy! For couples who are uncomfortable with relationship workshops and group interventions, the movie-and-talk approach can be an alternative. Watching a movie together and having a discussion, that’s not so scary. It’s less pathologizing, less stigmatizing.
  • BONUS: Learn a new communication method. You and your partner will have optional bonus exercises. Practice your new communication skills with couples “Improv” exercises!

Who is the target audience?

  • Married couples
  • Same sex couples
  • Dating couples
  • Engaged couples


clickhere1Research has found: Couples who learn the art of emotional connection through meaningful conversation can last a lifetime.


Course Description

The ULTIMATE Relationship Success Course!

Welcome to Movie Therapy!

Movie therapy combines the fun of watching movies with improving the emotional bond you have with your partner. Best still, is that you get to do this all from the privacy of your own home.

Movies affect us powerfully because the synergistic impact of music, dialogue, lighting, camera angles and sound effects enables a film to bypass our ordinary defensive censors. They draw us into the viewing experience and at the same time – often more easily than in real life – afford a unique opportunity to retain a perspective outside the experience, the observer’s view. This course will teach you how to express your feelings and views on what you have seen to your best friend, and partner.

Movie Therapy is drawing increased interest amongst therapists, as it uses the impact of movies to help clients change negative beliefs, manage destructive emotions, develop self-esteem, discover forgotten strengths and grow in the face of a loss or disappointment. The latest research on using Movie therapy for couple therapy is amazing!

“A new study finds that watching and discussing movies about relationships is as effective in lowering divorce rates as other, more intensive early marriage counseling programs.”

Discussing six movies about relationships over a 6-week Date Night strategy could cut the three-year divorce rate for newlyweds in half, researchers report. The study, involving 174 couples, is the first long-term investigation to compare different types of early marriage intervention programs.

The findings show that an inexpensive, fun, and relatively simple movie-and-talk approach can be just as effective as other more intensive therapist-led methods—reducing the divorce or separation rate from 24 to 11 percent after three years. Discussing relationship movies, it turns outs, was just as effective as more intensive skills-building programs. The results suggest that many couples already possess relationship skills, they just need reminders to put these into practice.

The insights and principles you’ll grow to understand in this MOVIE THERAPY COURSE will empower you to create a more POSITIVE and PASSIONATE relationship in the most important areas of your life, for the rest of your life!

Matt and Kellie Butler of Ashtabula, Ohio, have been married for 16 years and also feel the movie intervention has helped their relationship. So far they have watched “Love and Other Drugs” and “She’s Having a Baby.”

“It’s kind of powerful,” Mr. Butler said.

“It’s like watching a role play in a therapy session, but it’s a movie so it’s less threatening and more entertaining.”

Mr. Butler said that even though he and his wife have a strong bond, long-married couples sometimes forget to talk about their relationship. “We’ve been married 16 years, but it’s not something you sit down and have a conversation about,” he said. “When you watch the movie, it focuses your conversation on your relationship.”

The Movie Therapy course is lead by Dr. Savannah Ellis, Clinical Psychologist, Founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute, and author of four relationship books.

Dr. Frank Pittman, says…..

“Everything we need to know about marriage can be found at the movies: explore meaning, expectations, love, insanity, brain chemistry, secrets, lies, deal breakers – even clues about how to get it right.”


Try Movie Therapy Now

Lifetime access to course
Backed by current research
Fun yet Professional Couple Course
Easy to follow course instructions
Extremely affordable!



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