People often tell me to get testimonials for the life changing work I do for individuals and families. However many of my clients are going through the worse personal experiences of their life, and do not feel like sharing these personal challenges with the world. I totally understand. However, if you would like to add a testimonial, please email me and I will post it here with or without your name. Your confidentiality is always protected.

7 Step Recovery Program – 29 November 2013

From a Two-Day Relationship Intervention – 23-24th November 2013

“Words cannot describe how wonderful you two have been in showing us the way….”
Withheld, Manhattan Beach, CA.

Personal Coaching & Counseling Sessions

“I found it very helpful to be able to discuss issues openly and fully in the presence of a very skilled coach- who was able to guide my partner and I to resolve the main issue we sought help regarding. I felt we were at a stalemate or crossroads in our relationship and how we were moving forward. I will be making another appointment as soon as required! Many thanks”

“The thing I found the most helpful was the caring attitude of our coach Savannah. Savannah was very kind and understanding to us both.We are now managing all our issues well”

“Many thanks to Savannah for all her encouragement and support. The environment allowed my partner and I to be honest”

“Savannah was great- my husband and I got a lot out of therapy. We hope to come back to Savannah when our child is older, in the next few months. Savannah was fantastic, thanks so much”

“We found our sessions exceedingly useful and worthwhile. I have regained a new sense of purpose. We have plenty to work with from what we have already covered. I think you do a great job”

“The feedback was invaluable. The encouragement by you was very beneficial and your positive comments about our process were both empowering and a strong reinforcement. Thank you Savannah”

The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Program – January, 2013.

“Savannah was the 3rd therapist we had seen about my husbands affair. What set Savannah apart from the others, was that she dealt with the affair itself. Everyone else seamed to ignore the affair, and blame us for what we didn’t do in our relationship. The pain I was suffering as a result of the affair was unbelievable. It was driving me insane. Savannah worked through all my pain, anger, and obsessive mannerisms, to forgive my husband of his 6 year affair. We are on the path to a happy marriage. We are both new people, and much happier. Thank you.”

Withheld, Las Vegas, NV

“I learned a lot about myself through my interactions and also through the involvement and interventions by Savannah. Thanks Savannah. You have provided more for me than anyone to date”

“I really appreciated your trust and the spirit of co-operation and respect for us that you conveyed. I really appreciated your self-disclosure and knowing that if anything got ‘hairy’ it would be worked through via a process of going deeper and softening. Thank you”

“Savannah, thanks for your genuine and thoughtful presence. I have really enjoyed your reflective comments about what’s going on. I know that I have learned new tools”

Infidelity Recovery Individual Counseling

“Savannah was truly Godsend. Her insight and calm, comforting, attentive, personable support helped me tremendously through the process. My spouse and I connected with her very easily. She helped me understand what I couldn’t understand. She has been incredibly helpful; words would not be enough.I strongly recommend anyone going through a difficult time to make that initial call and you will see.”

Withheld, NY, USA, Jan, 2013.

Private Coaching Sessions

“I am much more the person I want to be, and am thankful for the insight, challenge and honesty that has helped enable me to liberate myself from shackles that no longer have power. Savannah, your presence and risks were a central part of my experience. How you were inspired me. Thank you”

“Savannah’s attention to my problem and her empathic approach was the most helpful”

“I’ve appreciated the counseling I have received from Savannah. Her encouragement, warmth, focus and intelligent empathy were most helpful. It helped me through a difficult period. I think she provides a very worthwhile service”

“Savannah was easy to talk to and it was good and helpful to share my issues in a supportive situation. I value the easy ‘connection’ and rapport Savannah and I have been able to establish and I appreciate her training and experience and how this is translated into an empathic and caring professional relationship with me”

“After having many counseling experiences in my life, Savannah was by far the best”

“This process has been profound in so many ways. I feel that Savannah was always sensitive and perceptive- she seemed to pick up areas of strength and areas in which I might need some more encouragement and to grow and to develop. I felt she had a very holding presence and also shared her knowledge with us keeping in mind both our personal and professional development. Thank you Savannah, I have really appreciated your therapeutic presence”

“The thing I found most helpful was being able to speak to Savannah candidly”

“Thank you so much Savannah. Your incisive, insightful work really helped me shift some ingrained stuff inside. Thank you!”

“This has been an incredible experience for me- I have valued Savannah’s quiet, calm presence- I am sure this has greatly increased my process. Thank you for your input”

“Savannah was respectful, knowledgeable, subtle and had insightful guidance”

“I found Savannah caring, empathic, gentle and understanding. Her quiet, soothing, open manner made me feel safe and able to disclose. She has a wonderful presence. Thanks so much!!!”

About Savannah’s Work

Your efforts are systematically shedding more and more light on the topic of affairs. I am extremely appreciative of your efforts because I believe it is what is needed to get it out of the closet and into a place where it can be examined. It will make all the difference. You have a very nice treatment of an important subject—free from hyperbole and filled with understanding and compassion. What can I say!

Astonishing! I have learned lots of good points other “experts” never touched. I applaud your work and feel fortunate to live in a time among people willing to tackle our important social problems, that in the long run affect the fabric of our society. Great information and perspectives! You are an incredible resource! The integrity of your web site is the best of any that I have found. Thank you for your fine work. It’s such a relief to hear some “realistic” advice.

It’s just the kind of information I needed so desperately. Thank you so much for all your insight and information. You are a true source of comfort to me during this most difficult time. “Helpful” is not the word. You probably saved my marriage and my life. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to helping those of us who are hurting. I’ve found your approach to be such a relief. Thank you for your level-headed approach. I’m so glad to see so much good information, well outlined and well presented for those who find themselves so lost in pain! Thank you for dealing with this subject in a way that represents the way society really is, rather than just condemn everyone who is involved in an affair.

I could not have survived the first very difficult year without your wonderful insight. I can’t thank you enough for all of the information on your site. You truly saved me, kept me sane during the first days after I found out about my husband’s affair. You are right: reading and getting information—taking the rational approach— helped me when I was overwhelmed by emotion.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your work. The advice you have is exactly the kind of information I needed to hear. Your information has been a constant source of comfort and knowledge. More helpful than support group meetings, or counseling sessions.

Praise from Online Readers

“I just wanted to say a big thank you. My 17 year relationship/marriage with Alan has been a wonderful one (as wonderful as real life, with 4 kids and a chronic illness can be anyway). However, we just found ourselves in the midst of a terrible storm which snuck up on us – almost unawares (I knew things weren’t great but didn’t realise how close we were to it being over). We just lost our way a bit – took each other for granted and intimacy had all but stopped. He was starting to doubt whether I loved him (even though I do) because of the lack of intimacy – part disease related and part laziness! I underestimated the toll this would have on ‘us’.

When he told me on Friday (after 5 weeks of fighting/treating each other terribly – which is highly unusual for us) that he wasn’t interested in being with me anymore (he was angry and didn’t care) my instinct (other than complete shock) was to run – but I stayed and used some of the techniques I have read in your articles/posts to fight for our marriage (a good chat to my Mum helped too!). I am feeling so much better lately (and the sex is feeling/working better too – as we now know!!!! lol).

It is really amazing how intimacy impacts on everything. I am feeling much happier/confident we will be alright now. It took us a few days (and me listening) for us to get back to what now seems to be a really good place – he is a different man – even though I know we still have work to do.

What surprised me was the speed at which it was going downhill (5 weeks was all it took to be almost over – after 17 happy and successful years). There was a critical period, which – had I run away – may have resulted in me losing him forever. My Mum told me – to stay and fight for my marriage. I did and it worked – quite quickly! As soon as he saw how upset I was – he softened (he was doubting my love for him so responded by telling me he didn’t love me anymore – which couldn’t have been further from the truth). I still can’t quite get my head around that one – how quickly it could have ended and how quickly things got better – better than they have been in years even.

I truly believe communication is key. It is relevant that he also has communication issues with his family (going back 50 years) and they were the basis for a lot of our problems (his family – and my reaction to them – their treatment of me – I know that know. They represent 95% of the basis for our rare fights). He spoke to them frankly on Saturday night (he has never done that before) and came back like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. It then allowed us to move forward (with me also taking on board changes I need to make). The difference has been amazing.

I really appreciate it – so thanks again!!!

– Leanne, Sydney, Australia. July 14, 2014